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A Race Against Time: Week Four Recap of the One Room Challenge

Updated: May 1

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One Room Challenge Spring 2024 - Week Four

Welcome back to the One Week Challenge blog series! This update is going to be a short and sweet one, as not much happened in week four of our project journey. With half of the challenge behind us, things have been moving quickly, but sometimes life gets in the way.

Last week, I found myself on a work trip to the east coast for three days, leaving me with only a single day to focus on our project, it could have been two but let's be honest, the fourth day was mostly a recovery day from the travel! So, with just Sunday to spare, I dove into our project headfirst.

Despite the limited time, I managed to make some progress. I started by purchasing polyurethane and applying it to the cabinet boxes. I decided on using polyurethane because this step not only protects the wood but also gives it a beautiful finish. With the cabinet boxes already sanded I just needed to give them a quick vacuum and wipe down before I started applying the poly.

The only other things I accomplished were I made the decision on the drawer pulls and ordered them, ensuring they will complement the overall aesthetic of our project. We also re-evaluated the paint choices and changed up the colors. While we like our original choices we just weren't 100 sold on them so I ordered some additional samples from Samplize to help us make our choices. We decided on Slate Tile for the built-in and the walls with the bikes and the workout area.

Here are the colors we were deciding between all Sherwin Williams:

Slate Tile

Dried Thyme

Fawn Brindle

Mindful Gray

As we move into week five, the pressure is on. We really need to buckle down and tackle some crucial tasks. Our to-do list includes purchasing the wood for the drawers, constructing said drawers, and purchasing paint for the final touches. Luckily, I'll be taking advantage of Sherwin Williams' 40% off sale on their Emerald Paint, my absolute favorite for cabinets. Emerald Interior Acrylic Latex Paint offers exceptional hide, coverage, durability, and washability, making it the perfect choice for our project. With its paint and primer in one formula, advanced stain blocking technology, and smooth finish, it's sure to give our cabinets a stunning look that lasts. Plus, its resistance to scrubbing, staining, water spotting, and burnishing ensures our cabinets will stay beautiful for years to come and with them being in the garage they're going to take a beating.

With our time constraints and the amount left to accomplish, I'm starting to worry that we might only manage to get the work area done and nothing else. It's a daunting thought, but we're determined to give it our best shot!

Stay tuned for the next update as we race against the clock to complete our project. Will we manage

to finish everything in time, or will we have to settle for a partially completed workspace? Only time will tell. Until then, let's roll up our sleeves and get to work!


  • Build last cabinet box ✅

  • Attach legs ✅

  • Mount cabinet boxes to wall ✅

  • Make drawers

  • Purchase drawer slides ✅

  • Make pull out tray for scrap wood

  • Decide and purchase drawer pulls ✅

  • Decide and purchase counter

  • Purchase and install slat wall

  • Decided on paint color ✅

  • Purchase paint

  • Paint walls and cabinets

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2 comentários

01 de mai.

I didn't realize you have a comment box, I've been signing the guest page. Trying to catch up on Week 4, but I did see what color you selected on Instagram. Next, catch up on Week 5! Keep at it, you're doing awesome. Julie, Julie Ann Rachelle Interiors


Mary Henson
Mary Henson
25 de abr.

This has me so inspired to finally put some effort into my own workspace!

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