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One Room Challenge Spring 2021 - Week Five

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

One Room Challenge Spring 2021 - Week Five | Counter Tops


I'm a little behind on sharing week five of the One Room Challenge, there was a ton going on week five; two jam-packed days on the soccer fields, car shopping {and purchasing}, preparing for a work event, and making sure the kiddos were all squared away while Skott and I were away for work.

I'm happy I can at least report we were able to make some progress on the counters, but we still have a ways to go. We are deep in week six and I'm trying to figure out when and how I can make more progress since we are gone this weekend too.

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This was our week five punch list and what we accomplished:

  • Grout tile 🚫

  • Purchase countertop materials ✅

  • Install countertop ✅

  • Purchase materials for plant wall 🚫

  • Prep for plant wall 🚫

  • Install plant wall 🚫

We're quickly running out of time and need to buckle down to ensure we have the reveal we intended.

We ended up purchasing 24 x 24 charcoal floor tile to use for the countertop. We spent Memorial Day prepping and installing the countertop.

Step 1.

Covered the top of the frame with plywood, securing with PowerPro wood screws.

Step 2.

Measured and dry fit the tile. I was slacking a little bit on the pictures during this part of the project. We measured the center point of the top and the center point of the first tile, laying the first so these measurements matched, from there we worked our way out from the middle point. This allowed for equal-sized pieces of tile across the top.

Step 3.

Covered the plywood with cement board on top and along the front edge. We secured the cement board with the same cement board screws we used week three and used cement board mesh tape to cover the seams and screws.

Step 4.

Installed an aluminum trim piece along the front edge of the counter by applying mortar to the edge and laying the trim on top {I didn't get a picture of this step}.

Step 5.

Applied premixed mortar on top of the cement board and the trim piece with a trowel and laid the tile on top. We continued with the full pieces of tile and then cut the side and back pieces.

That's all we were able to get to on Monday and as I mentioned in previous posts the weekend is all the time we have to power through any DIY project. However, week six needs to have some week-day efforts if we are going to finish this bad boy on time.

Week six punch list:

  • Grout tile

  • Purchase materials for plant wall

  • Prep for plant wall

  • Assemble chandelier & install

Supply/Equipment List:

You can follow along on my Instagram stories and my weekly blog posts. I will also be linking any materials or decor that I purchase on my LikeToKnowIt.

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