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Trisha & Skott table saw


Welcome to The Humble Hearthstone, where His Place or Hers is always up for debate. But in reality, it's all about teamwork and compromise. We are Trisha and Skott, high school sweethearts who have been on a journey to turn our house into a home for over 15 years. Our family may be shrinking with just one kid left at home, but we've recently welcomed two adorable bernedoodles, Bentley and Zoey, to keep us on our toes.

We started this blog in 2020, and by “we” I mean I.  You could say it was my pandemic baby, and it has morphed into a passion project for us both. Skott and I are not your typical power couple or dynamic duo - we're just two regular people who (if I’m being REAL honest) don’t want to spend the money because we prefer to learn how to do it ourselves and just maybe we’re gluttons for punishment. But we also love DIY, design, and creating a space that reflects our personalities. My love for DIY runs deep, with This Old House on the television and woodworking magazines in the magazine rack since childhood. The smell of sawdust is like aromatherapy to me and brings me to a happy place.


At The Humble Hearthstone, you'll find a sprinkle of everyday life intertwined with our design and DIY projects. We love sharing our favorite products and tips that help us along the way. As full-time professionals with sales and marketing careers, we understand the importance of finding balance and creating a space where we can unwind and recharge.


So, whose house is it anyway? We have fun debating this all the time, but we always come to the same conclusion … it’s His AND Hers. A space where our personalities, quirks, and design preferences blend in perfect harmony.


Join us on this journey as we continue to make memories, create new projects, and turn our house into a home.

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