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I'm a wife, a full-time working mom of two teenagers, and a woman of faith.  I have a true passion for helping others find and go after their WHY.  I believe in being a beacon of positivity, providing hope and inspiration, and doing so through your heart, mind, and soul.   I believe there is no greater inspiration than seeing someone display pure joy and happiness.  Working on our DIY projects and making our house a home brings me joy, happiness, and centers me. I hope that translates and inspires others.

I grew up with This Old House on the television, woodworking magazines in the magazine rack, the smell of coffee, and sawdust in the garage on the weekends.  I LOVE the smell of sawdust, it brings me to a happy place.  I guess you could say DIY is in my blood.  

I started this blog originally as a creative outlet, I enjoy writing just as much as I enjoy my projects.  Over time it has transformed into a passion for inspiring other women to create a home that brings family and friends together. 


I am always looking for inspiration whether it is fun crafts, decor, entertaining, or gift ideas.  If you'd like to collaborate contact me

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