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I was on a virtual happy hour {our new norm} with my work colleagues and my boss asked, “do you have any more DIY projects in your home” my response “my whole house is a DIY project!”

I look at my house like it’s a canvas that is always a work in progress. Never 100% done. Always something that needs to be tweaked. Not quite the right shade. Might need more texture. The lines are just a little off. Needs more color needs less color.

Do you ever feel that way, it's never entirely complete or right?

I’ve come to the realization that when I'm feeling that way I need to step away. Pick up a new project and go back to my original piece later. Sometimes taking a step back, gaining a new and fresh perspective is just what you need {same applies to life in general}.

What projects are you working on that you might need to take a step back from? I'd love to hear about them! Share here or DM me on Instagram - @thehumblehearthstone

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