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Anyone Up For A Facelift?

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

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My laundry room certainly was!

With hubby and son out of state for Labor Day Weekend, I took advantage of the uninterrupted time and decided to tackle our laundry room, which some might have called a CRAZY HOT MESS {cough. cough. mom}!

Let me paint the picture. Our laundry room is right off of the garage we come in and out of it every day, multiple times. It became a dumping zone for anything and everything. It essentially was the infamous junk drawer {you know, we all have them} but mine was a whole room! I couldn't stand going in there which made me despise doing laundry even that much more. If that description isn't enough below is a video clip of the embarrassment {in my defense all that laundry in the baskets is clean, except for one}.

I was DETERMINED to bring order to this space, conceal the blemishes, and take the space back! Oh and all for under $300 and in one day.


How do you think I accomplished this solo feat? Well, I'll just tell ya!

I knew I wanted wallpaper behind the shelves and I wanted something affordable and easy to install. After doing some research I landed on peel and stick wallpaper from Amazon and because I have AmazonPrime I was able to order it two days before and have it on my doorstep on Saturday {project day). I also cleared the laundry room Friday night so all I had to do was wipe it down.

Saturday morning, 5:00 AM wake up call {those who really know me know 5:00 AM anything WAAAAAY too early for me} to wish Colin good luck in his soccer game, finally rolled out of bed by 6 AM and decided on coffee to go.

Headed to Lowe's where I picked up the following:

Home by 8:15 AM

Wiped down the laundry room and prepped the walls. I am a VERY messy painter {if there is a surface you don't want paint on, I'll find it and get paint on it} so I made sure I covered our white counters with the ScotchBlue Masking Film in addition to the ceilings. From there the painting began. By 2:15 PM all the walls had their first coat of paint. I finished the second coat by 4:45 PM and then started the cleanup.

Next was the peel and stick wallpaper from Amazon, which I LOVE! It took me a good 90 minutes to hang the wallpaper and by 8:26 PM I was enjoying a glass of wine in my new laundry room perusing Amazon for the perfect organization options.


Here's what I ended up with:

All Amazon items can be sourced here:

Here are the supplies used and the cost breakdown

1 - Gallon Valspar Signature Paint - $36.98 (mail in rebate $10) = $26.98

1 - ScotchBlue 24-in x 90-ft Adhesive Premium Masking Film = $7.28

1 - Angled Paint brush = FREE (already had)

1 - Paint Roller = FREE (already had)

3 - Cotton Rope Storage Baskets = $23.99 x 3 = $71.97

1 - Large Rope Basket = $37.99

4 - Rectangular Wicker Baskets = $44.99 x 2 = $89.98

5 - Peel & Stick Wall Paper = $12.87 x 5 = $64.35

1 - Wall Paper Tool Kit = $5.59


Total = $304.14

I did go over budget by just a smidge but once I return the unused roll of peel and stick wallpaper it will bring me UNDER budget to $291.27!!

You can do it too, probably for less if you source less expensive organizational options! The hardest part for me was moving the washer and dryer out of the way and painting behind them. Thank goodness I lost 5lbs before starting this project or I probably wouldn't have been able to squeeze behind them...hahaha...that is a continued work in progress

You can shop this look and more on my LikeToKnowIt page

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