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How to Take Advantage of Post-Christmas Deals: Tips for Using Gift Cards, Charity Donations, and Smart Shopping Tactics

This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase through these links, I may earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products or services that I genuinely believe in. Thank you for being a part of this community!

So the holiday rush might be calming down, but guess what? The sweet deals and chances to be a smart shopper are still going strong after Christmas! Let me show you how to ace those post-Christmas sales while being savvy with your cash and spreading some good vibes along the way!

Leveraging Gift Cards and Cash

Leveraging Gift Cards and Cash

Check online deals: Score some exclusive discounts by using those gift cards for online purchases. Don't forget to stack 'em with existing deals for massive savings.

Combine gift cards: If you've got a bunch of gift cards for the same store, pool 'em together to make bigger purchases or treat yourself to something fancy. I can tell you Colin has been holding on to some Tilly's gift cards since last Christmas to be able to use them for a bigger shopping spree and to take advantage of a big sale to maximize his dollar {not so-starving college student}.

Cash in on coupons and cashback: Hunt for extra coupons or cashback offers and team 'em up with your gift cards to stretch that dollar. If you're shopping online try a site like honey to help maximize your dollar. You can download the chrome extension for honey and it will scour the internet for the biggest savings/coupon codes and automatically apply them to your shopping cart you can, sign up for price drop alerts on specific products AND if there aren't any coupons some brands give you cash back which will go into your honey account where you can later cash it out or use it toward gift cards {I've done both}. You can download it for free here! Plus if you use my link, you’ll receive 500 points on your first purchase that you use honey with, which is equal to $5! Every penny saved is a penny earned!

Maximizing Post-Holiday Sales

Maximizing Post-Holiday Sales

Electronics and Gadgets: Keep your eyes peeled for discounted tech goodies as stores clear out older inventory to make room for new releases. Some of the best tech sales after Christmas can be found at Best Buy, Target, Amazon, and Walmart. Target is currently running a sale on headphones and speakers up to 50% off.

Winter Apparel and Accessories: Snag some sweet deals on winter wear as retailers push out last season's styles to make space for spring collections. Stores like The North Face, REI, Backcountry and Dick's Sporting Goods. Skott found some great deals for snowboarding gear for Colin and Kaitlyn on Backcountry and they are currently running up to 50% off on certain items and brands.

Home Appliances: Upgrade your kitchen gadgets or replace worn-out essentials while taking advantage of sales on household items. Home Improvement Stores like Lowe's Home Improvement often run sales after the holidays. Right now, Lowe's has appliances up to 30% off, the offer ends on December 27th but always keep an eye out they pop up with sales all the time.

Tools: Need that new miter saw for that upcoming DIY home improvement project in the new year? Right now is a great time to explore and find some excellent deals not just on power tools but also on those specialty items you've been considering. Whether it's a cordless drill, a precision laser level, or even a woodworking router, post-Christmas sales often feature significant discounts on individual tools and comprehensive sets. It's a good opportunity to upgrade your workshop without breaking the bank and get set for your projects with quality gear. Of course, our go-to home improvement store is Lowe's Home Improvement (#lowespartner) but there are after-Christmas sales taking place at many home improvement and hardware stores.

Giving Back and Supporting Communities

Giving Back and Supporting Communities

Donate Unused Items: Declutter your home and donate gently used clothing, toys, or household items to local shelters or donation centers. Did you receive some gifts that are just not for you or end up with duplicates of something? Instead of trying to return them consider donating to a local shelter or home for the less advantaged.

Charitable Contributions: Take a portion of that cash you received and make a donation to charities or nonprofits that support causes dear to your heart. Do you have a passion for animals? Donate to the ASPCA. Want to help combat hunger? Find a food bank to make a monetary donation to.

Support Local Businesses: Show some love to local businesses and artisans who might have their own post-holiday sales going on. Your support can make a real difference in the local economy.

Remember, it's not just about what we get, but also about what we can give. Let's make this post-holiday season one of mindful spending and generous giving, leaving a positive footprint in our communities.

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