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I’ve been trying to post this picture since yesterday, but I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted to say. There wasn’t a caption that felt just right. So, I sat on it and decided I’d post it at a later time (after all they are just vines).

I believe sometimes things just don’t feel right for a reason no matter how small or big. I believe there are bigger messages and a higher power whispering ever so slightly in your ear. So slight at times you question if you ever heard anything at all.

I cannot put any eloquent words together for what the last several days have been, all I do know right now is list words that describe a small sliver of what I have seen and felt the last couple of days transpiring in our Nation, States, Cities, and Backyards.

Injustice. Fear. Anger. Pain. Uncertainty. Question. Disgust. Shock. Sadness.

I stepped out my front door just a little bit ago and looked at the vines we planted yesterday, and the following words came flooding at me.

Love. Hope. Faith. Growth. Understand. Action. Support. Humility. Peace.

It all hit me in a split moment, the vines represented all of these things to me. What we ALL need to never lose sight of, then and only then will we be able to move forward together as a human race.

These vines were uprooted and transplanted into my yard, they went through some trauma through the transition. If I care for them properly, tend to them on a regular basis, educate myself on what they need to flourish, ensure the lattice is secure in the ground for support, take action on what they need to thrive and do so with consistency and a little faith, love and nurturing, they will grow. They will start to reach out to the other vines, they will intertwine they will mature into lush and full foliage. Such beautiful foliage you can’t help but feel at peace when you are around.

I pray and will continue to pray that we ALL find it in ourselves to value each other, love each other’s differences, and learn from our inequalities together. We all need humble hearts that are open to listening, healing, and love.

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