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Uphold Family Memories by Upcycling Mementos

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

One of the best types of DIY is upcycling and repurposing furniture. All you need is a good garage sale or thrift store find, a creative eye, some basic tools, and your favorite paint color. These few things and you can transform a piece of furniture ready to be used for firewood into a spectacular piece of home decor designed specifically to fit your home and style.

Many of my very first DIY’s have come from hand me downs that we’ve transformed into something other than what it was intended for. We’ve turned coffee tables into upholstered ottomans, old dressers into entry tables, and our most recent, old footlockers into bedside tables.

Several years back while at my mother-in-law's house my husband and I were helping her sort through her garage when we came across his grandfather’s old military footlockers. My husband didn’t have a lot to remind him of his grandfather (he passed when my husband was very young) and asked his mom if he could have the footlockers, she agreed.

We knew we wanted to honor them, not have them gathering dust in a garage anymore. We decided to turn them into bedside tables for our son’s room.

All in all, it was a very simple and quick project that adds a ton of character, function, and holds sentimental value. One of the best parts is his grandfather’s last name {Wentworth} is our son's middle name and you can still partially make out the name on one of the footlockers.

Check out how we complete this project in less than one hour!




Here's what we used for this project:

Old footlockers

Share with us what you have upcycled in the comments below!

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