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Just A Little Mossy

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

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I absolutely love the look of moss bowls and I've always wanted one, just not at the price tag they come with. So, of course, in true Trisha fashion, I decided to make one myself. Super easy and less than $30!

Here are some of my inspiration photos:

Project List:

  • Bowl/Container

  • Hot glue gun

  • Hot glue

  • Styrofoam {different sizes}

  • Artificial Moss

  • Paint {optional}

  • Chip brush {optional}

  • Baking soda {optional}

  • Paper plate {optional}

  • Filler {optional}

  • Moss balls {optional}


I was having a hard time finding a bowl/container that was the shape I wanted {that didn't cost a lot} I was able to find a terracotta planter at Lowe's Home Improvement for $15. It was the closest to the shape I was looking for at a reasonable price. I had grey paint samples at home so I figured I could easily fix the color and texture by using the paint and baking powder method {Collective Gen has a great blog on how to mix the paint}.

Once the paint dried I started building the base. The bowl was pretty deep so I needed some filler, I tried a few things and then landed on a paper plate. It was perfect, flipped it upside down put some hot glue around the rim, and voila it filled the bowl and raised the workspace perfectly.

From there I just laid the styrofoam in the bow adding some height and shape where I wanted it and secured them with hot glue.

Next, I added the moss, which I secured with hot glue. I purchased the moss from Hobby Lobby and added a couple of moss balls I already had which added additional shape and height.

If you don't mind paying the price for a moss bowl here are some great options:

Kirkland's has some beautiful options along with Houzz. I was also able to find a few on Wayfair

Are you interested in making your own? Here are some great places to pick up different styles of bowls/containers/planters to fit your home decor style.

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