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When we sold our humble starter home in Oceanside, CA we had to move into temporary housing for several months while our new home was being built. Although moving can be a stressful time, I find some parts of it being therapeutic, like PURGING all the STUFF. What we didn't sell, purge or donate we packed up into a single PODS container not to be seen for another six months. We only kept the essentials three mattresses, some kitchen essentials, and some clothes. Let me tell you it felt kind of freeing, like starting with a blank slate. My creative juices were flowing!

The first project was created while we were in our temporary abode. My focus was in our entry, I wanted to make our little landing pad as warm and inviting as I could and knew I wanted to personalize it for our family.

It was such an easy and inexpensive project that I feel adds a ton of character to our entry, is personalized for our family, and is one of a kind!

The frame was purchased at a quaint antique store right up the street from our new home in Bonsall, CA {unfortunately they are out of business}.

Aluminum Sheet from The Home Depot

The aluminum sheets come in different designs. I went with the Cloverleaf in brass.

"M" from Hobby Lobby

They don't appear to have the same color I used in our design but I found a gold one on the Hobby Lobby website. They also have a plethora of other alphabet designs. Just one of the reasons I LOVE Hobby Lobby.

I, unfortunately, don't have a step by step picture guide of the assembly of the finished product. But it was super simple. I simply secured the aluminum sheet to the frame with a staple gun and used several globs of Liquid Nails for interior projects.

Such a fun, easy project and perfect for any DIY beginner! So many different variations you could make, different shaped frames, backgrounds, initials.

I would love to see your take on a piece like this. Share your pictures!

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