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One Room Challenge Spring 2021 - Week Two

One Room Challenge Spring 2021 - Week Two | Prep & Stain


Well here we are, week 2 of the One Room Challenge under our belts. In last week's blog, I mentioned it was going to be a pretty busy weekend and was hoping we could get a good start and make some progress. I'm happy to report, we accomplished what we set out to. We could have finished this entire project in one day we had to split it into a two-day project because of other commitments and responsibilities

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Here's what we were able to get through:

  • Bought all supplies to stain patio

  • Cleared the patio

  • Power washed the patio

  • Cleaned & etched the concrete

  • Applied Stain

  • Applied Sealer

Day 1 (Saturday)

After we removed the hodgepodge of furniture from the patio we swept and used the blower to remove all the loose dirt and debris.

Next, we power washed the concrete to ensure we got up most of the grime before we started the cleaning and etching process.

With the patio still wet we applied RUST-OLEUM Clean & Etch that we picked up at The Home Depot. This was probably the worst part of the project. The cleaning and etching solution was extremely potent, even being outside and in a well-ventilated area, the fumes were rough. I started helping Skott by pouring the solution but quickly had to remove myself from that responsibility. If you find yourself using RUST-OLEUM Clean & Etch make sure you follow all the directions, wear safety goggles/glasses, gloves, and if you have work boots, wear them too. If the solution gets on you it will burn your skin. As soon as we poured the RUST-OLEUM Clean & Etch it started sizzling and smoking, similar to how you would expect acid to respond when poured onto a surface.

Using a push broom, Skott scrubbed the concrete. This process removes all of the dirt and debris and prepares the concrete for the stain.

Day 2 (Sunday)

After an early morning soccer game an hour away, Mother's Day floral deliveries to our moms, and a casual Mother's Day lunch down by the beach at a cool little pizza joint (Best Pizza & Brew) we headed home to tackle the staining of the patio.

We swept the patio one last time and then started the staining process. We had purchased BEHR Solid Color Concrete Stain in Washed Khaki, the previous day, along with 3/8" nap roller covers. We attached a 9" roller to a telescoping pole and began to apply the stain in long even strokes. I applied the first coat and once it was dry Skott applied the second coat.

Once the stain was dry we applied BEHR Concrete and Masonry Protector and Waterproofer.

We had a great employee from The Home Depot in Escondido, CA (#6612) where we purchased our items from. We failed to ask her name, but she helped guide us toward the best products for what we were trying to accomplish and she was speaking from hands-on experience, she stained the floor in the paint area.

Supply / Equipment List:

Week three punch list:

  • Purchase supplies for built-in buffet

  • Build the frame for built-in

  • Apply concrete board to built-in

  • Apply stacked stone veneer

  • Decide on the built-in countertop

  • Order furniture

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