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Game Room Update - Series I {how many will we have?}

Last week and the weekend were primarily spent on the planning and execution of getting our game room / media room update. We made some great progress and things progressing well {for the most part}.

I've had lots of friends and family asking for updates and it would be best for me to have my blog posts in a series format and give weekly updates as opposed to one big blog at the end. I learned my lesson with the dry dar blog post. What dry bar blog post, you might be asking? should be because it hasn't happened yet. It's still sitting in my drafts taunting me. It was a bigger project that we did over several weeks and now it seems like a beast to compile and write about. I'm great at learning from my mistakes so, weekly updates it is for this one, friends.

Let's focus on what happened last week, shall we?

First of all our sofa arrived early last week and I can't even begin to tell you how elated we all were! We had been looking for just the right sectional for the last nine months. We had one all picked out from Living Spaces but never pulled the trigger {which in the end was a good thing}. I ended up deciding to change the configuration of the room and that led to looking for a larger couch, which I found at World Market. The reviews on the Emmett Modular Sectional were great online and one of my IG friends, Ivonne, has the couch and gave it great reviews. It's the perfect size, color and it was waaaaayyyyy more affordable than the couches I was looking at from Pottery Barn and Arhaus.

I do plan on writing a review on both the sofas we purchased from World Market, I get questions about the Brynn all the time.

Skott and I couldn't wait to get this bad boy all set up we took couple pictures of the old sofas to post on Facebook Marketplace and quickly moved them out to the garage along with our entertainment center.

The arrival of Emmett {the sofa} and having it set up in the space sparked my "wonder" and my creative juices started flowing. I started my design process and created a mood board for the room.

The rug has been ordered and is due to arrive this week and I've also ordered the pillows covers. Skott made me laugh so hard once the sofa was all set up...can you guess??? I'll just tell ya what he said "well I know what's next, a whole $h*+ ton of pillows"! One of my very first blog posts was about accent pillows, how they are the perfect accessory and that I tend to spend a lot of money on accent pillows and pillow covers...

The morning after the sofa was delivered I woke up early {earlier than usual} made my cup of coffee and headed straight to the game room. While I sat sipping on my coffee I had the grand idea to make the wall where the television was going to be hung more of an accent wall. I shared that idea with Skott before he left for work and I thought he was going to throw a pillow at me, LOL. Then I received a text message ⬇️⬇️⬇️

We started bright and early Saturday morning, headed to Lowe's Home Improvement picked up the paint and the wood that we needed for the project.


Here are my inspo pictures for the wall. I wanted to take elements from both of these.



We were well on our way too! Saturday I was able to paint the wall, Skott sanded all the wood strips we bought and I painted them all too, the television was delivered from Best Buy, Skott installed the television mount and he added an outlet behind the television. Really, the only set back we had was the sander crapping out on us and having to leave to buy a new one.

As we were working I thought adding some LED strips might be fun too and the kids would love it {they both have LED strips around their rooms} which meant we couldn't install anything because we needed to order the lights. Skott and I, both, felt good with the progress we made and had a plan going into the following week we even had our celebratory glass of wine and cocktail.

Welcome Sunday...first I probably had one glass too many because I was moving SLOOOOOW. I was the first one up but just wanted to veg and watch television. We finally got moving and reviewing our plan around 11:30A M. While walking the plan we made the night before, Skott brought in some of the piece of wood and when we held them up to the wall...we were a little {ok a lot} underwhelmed. The black on black just wasn't doing it for us.

So after sanding and painting 15 pieces of wood, yesterday, we decided we needed to scrap them for this project {I better figure out another use for them} and started ripping some other boards down to use instead.

So the plan, now, is to stain the strips the same color as the shelves about the dry bar {Minwax Early American} and only have the wood slats going along the sides of the television not the entire wall. We're essentially reversing the ideas from the inspo photos above.

A few things I've learned in my journey of DIYing:

  • Something unexpected will inevitably happen

  • Be nimble {literally and figuratively}

  • When two things go wrong, it's time to take a step back and regroup

  • If you're heart's not in it don't start

  • Know how to make lemons out of lemonade

While today wasn't what we anticipated and we hit a few bumps along the way, I'm able to say...

"I got to use my new table saw for the first time!"

I'm looking forward to sharing what this week brings and hopefully showing a little more progress!

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