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Updated: May 22, 2020

I have often wondered where my love for design and DIY came from. It is something that I have always been drawn to since I was a teenager. Always wanting to update my room, whether it was painting it a new color, repurposing a piece of furniture, or rearranging furniture.

When my husband, Skott, and I were fortunate enough to purchase our first home together in 2009 we knew it was going to have to be something that we put time and effort into and on a BUDGET {Southern California isn't cheap and certainly not when you are a young family of four plus a fur baby}.

2009, WOW we were officially homeowners. We were blessed to be able to enter the market but the only way we were able to do so was to purchase a home that was a foreclosure and was a previous rental property. Needless to say, it needed some work, but we were up for the challenge.

We started small, painting walls {multiple times} and graduated to some minor woodwork. Built a fireplace mantle. Added some caps on our staircase. Installed some built-in cabinets {with the help of my Dad, a carpenter at heart}. Attempted crown molding, that was an epic fail. Upgraded our half bath. Installed some faux shiplap in our hallway. Built a pergola and outdoor table. Then all we were left with were the GINORMOUS projects. Kitchen, master bath, and the kids' bath. So what is one to do??? Well...sell of course and let a new young family take on those projects.

Here's what I learned during the seven years in our starter home. One, if I cannot finish a project in three days I tend to lose interest. Two, I am very fickle when it comes to design ideas. Three, I get a true sense of accomplishment and joy when I/we complete a project. Four, I LOVE working on our home with my husband, regardless of the mishaps along the way, working with him brings us closer together {I know. I know. A little cheesy, but it's the truth}.

Here's a short stroll through our humble beginning.

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