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Combining Weeks Six and Seven: What Have We Accomplished for the One Room Challenge?

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One Room Challenge Spring 2024 - Weeks Six & Seven

Welcome to week seeeeeven of the One Room Challenge garage overhaul?  Is it week seven already?!?  We went a little MIA on week six, we made progress but, in all honesty, there was a lot going on and I didn’t have the brain power, drive or motivation to write a blog post on the little bit that we accomplished.  So here we are, combining weeks six and seven.


As I sit here writing this I’m trying to remember what we did accomplish week six, it feels like a million years ago … so you're going to get what I remember, ok? OK!


Painting, more painting, moving the gym equipment and reinstalling it. Geez is that it?   I guess we did a little bit more, we did decide on the countertop for the built-in, the butcher block won. We went to pick it up on Saturday morning {that was an adventure}, we also purchased the bike storage system and our slatwall arrived. 


Skott and I disassembled the PRX system and then reinstalled it in it’s new home.  That wasn’t without it’s challenges though.  We needed the weight system to be perfectly center in the space to allow optimal space for using it {after all what good is a weight system when you can’t use it?} but the problem with that was the mounting brackets didn’t line up with any of the studs so we had to come up with an alternate solution.  Skott attached wood across the top and bottom and mounted the wood into the studs and then attached the system to the wood.  This might just be a temporary fix but it’s working for right now.

I banged out the second wall on Saturday night and did a few things differently that I believe sped up the time. 


  1. I lightly wet the paint roller which allowed the paint to go on the wall smoother and what seemed faster. 

  2. I used an extension rod so I didn’t have to climb up and down the ladder {10-foot ceilings and being 5’1” doesn’t work all that well when you’re painting}

  3. Changed out the roller for the second coat of paint, it seemed to help with the application and evenly coat the walls {I didn’t have to go over multiple times like I did on the first wall}.

Samplize on wall

I couldn’t be happier with the color of the paint, Slate Tile by Sherwin Williams and I’m crazy impressed with how spot on the Samplize paint sample is.  There is definitely more painting in my future and I will for sure be going back to Samplize for the peel and stick samples, so easy and mess free.  Plus I don’t have to store a bunch of tiny paint samples anymore.


I have a little fun surprise in store for Skott and some of that arrived too.  You’ll have to stick around for the reveal to see that, though.  I don’t want to blow any surprises here.


It’s going to be a busy weekend with a Justin Timberlake concert on Friday night and Kaitlyn’s Jr. Prom on Saturday so we’re highly focused on getting done what we can after work this week.


Here’s the punch list:


  • Build last cabinet box ✅

  • Attach legs

  • Mount cabinet boxes to wall ✅

  • Make drawers ✅

  • Purchase drawer slides

  • Make pull out tray for scrap wood (putting this on hold for now)

  • Decide and purchase drawer pulls

  • Decide and purchase counter top 

  • Purchase slat wall

  • Decide on paint color

  • Purchase paint for cabinets  ✅

  • Paint walls

  • Break down PRX System & Relocate ✅

  • Make drawer fronts

  • Paint drawer fronts 

  • Relocate outlet

  • Install Docking Drawer system

  • Install slat wall  

  • Mount bike storage system

  • Paint door

  • Paint freezer

  • Install lighting



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