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I'm so excited, it's the second Saturday Spark!

If you're new this week, hello! I'm so happy you decided to stop by for a bit. Last week I shared a little bit about idea behind Saturday Spark and a teensy bit about me. I'm hoping this becomes a community of like minded women sharing their ideas centered around home decor, DIY projects, household tips and tricks and entertaining.

If you're here for round two, welcome back! I'm humbled by your support!

This week seemed to go by like a blur. We had some exciting things happen in our world too! First, we found out our kids can return to playing sports. If you're not in California, it's been a battle for youth sports to resume. Two, Colin got his braces off and received his Drivers License card in the mail {BIG deal for a 16 year old}. Three, I was able to put on a suit and visit with an amazing franchisee I have the privilege of helping support; after almost a year of not being able to travel.

In between all that excitement and the normal day to day, I took a quick trip to Target to check out what was new was Trending With Trish #TargetTuesday. My first stop at Target is ALWAYS the dollar spot. I don't always find goodies but this week I DID and decided it was time that I did a little crafting. This was probably one of the easiest crafts I've done lately almost as easy as my Valentine's Day Garland.

Just four simple supplies for a cute and festive Easter decoration for $14.

These cute burlap carrots that cost $1 each. They had three different shades. I picked up three light orange and two light pink.

$3 bags of moss balls/rocks, I grabbed three of them. They are just foam balls with faux moss covering them.

Some string that I already had and a threading needle. I used a longer, thicker needled to make it easier to get through the moss rocks.

I cut the string to length and started stringing the moss rocks. I strung seven rocks {alternating size and shape} then added a carrot. Then it was just repeat.

Tip: use pliers to pull the needle through on some of the tougher rocks.

Easter Garland that you can hang, add to a tray or even display in a bowl

Another fun thing this week was that I teamed up with nine other lovely ladies on Instagram {Style_Your_Nest_Tour} where we share our "styled" home every two weeks. There was a consistent theme for sure our first week, SPRING! I think we're all about ready for it. Flowers always make me smile and think of Spring, I just love seeing how each one styled and displayed their florals.