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The Brynn Sofa, My Humble Opinion

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Last September I decided to buy myself a couple of birthday presents. We were about six months into the pandemic, SIX months of being stuck in our home, and I needed a visual change.

I have gravitated to white/cream/ivory sofas for quite some time. We had a white Ektorp Slipcover Couch from Ikea for a long time when the kids were really young, the best thing about that was the slipcovers were washable and for the price, the couch held up very well. We had it for almost 11 years and after three different colored slipcovers, we said goodbye to Ektorp and HELLO to Brynn.

I was determined to have another ivory-colored sofa! Teenagers and a shedding black dog were not going to hold me back.

After looking at several sofas {online} and through my newfound love of home decor Instagram influencers, I had narrowed my search down to a couple and then started my research. I landed on the Brynn Sofa from World Market and the Clausen Slipcovered Sofa from Joss and Main.

Have you ever purchased a sofa online? I was super anxious but figured I would just have to do my due diligence and start researching. I read every review I could find and even reached out to a few people on Instagram that had the Brynn Sofa. It took me a while to rule out the Clausen Slipcovered Sofa and honestly, it was primarily due to cost. I needed two sofas for our great room and at over $1700 each I had to make the difficult decision to eliminate the Clausen Slipcovered Sofa.

That left me with the Brynn Sofa or to keep looking, and I was way over looking online for any more sofas. I knew it was going to be "Brynn" and after all, she was almost half the price and had all the elements I was looking for.

  • Ivory

  • Down Filled

  • Large Fluffy Pillows

  • Reversible Pillows

  • Deep Seats

But I still couldn't get myself to pull the trigger...until...{insert drum roll} I got a price drop notification from the honey chrome extension I downloaded. I couldn't believe my eyes the price had dropped from $899 to $699 and I had just received a birthday coupon for 15% off a couple of days before in my email. Looking back I probably should have played the lottery 😂. I quickly told Skott and he said "order them!" the biggest decision at that point was do we have it delivered or do we save another 10% and pick them up ourselves. The additional 10% off would have been nice but we would have had to make two trips and that was if they even fit in the bed of the truck. So we opted for delivery {so worth it}!

We've had two of these sofas since September 2020. Long enough for me to share my humble opinion on the Brynn Sofa from World Market. So here it is my friends.


Price Tag

As I mentioned before, the sofa is pretty reasonably priced, it's under $1000! Besides Ikea, I haven't really come across any sofas that have decent reviews for under that price point.

I really did hit the jackpot though, all it took was a little patience, the use of some technology, and taking advantage of the World Market Rewards Program. At the end of the day, I walked away saving over $600!

World Market often runs offers whether it's free shipping, discounts for signing up for their rewards program, curbside pick-up orders, or just 10%-20% off sales like I was able to take advantage of.

If you aren't using honey, you seriously need to! I've saved so much money by simply downloading the chrome extension for honey. Honey will search the internet for the biggest savings/coupon codes and automatically apply them to your shopping cart and if you are in the market for a product but not in a hurry to purchase it, you can add it to your drop list and get notified when there is a price drop!

This works not just with World Market, but with any online store, how cool is that? You can download it for free here! Plus if you use my link, you’ll receive 500 points on your first purchase that you use honey with, which is equal to $5! Every penny saved is a penny earned!


Touch and Feel

This is a down-filled couch all of the cushions and pillows are feather-filled and are so incredibly comfortable.

The sofa fabric is an ivory polyester-nylon blend and is like a basket weave. Which adds some nice texture. You can kind of see it in the adjacent picture. The sofa's frame is constructed from pine and is very sturdy.

One of the common "complaints" I read was the couch loses feathers and flattens out. Here's what I have to say about that, it's a down sofa people...just like any down-filled product, it will require fluffing and a little zhuzh-ing from time to time. In six months of owning these sofas, I have only seen one feather. I fluff the pillows on average once per week and they return to their perfectly fluffy selves.


It's Neutral

This sofa can seriously work with any color scheme and is perfect for my fickle design style. It works with all colors, patterns and will complement other accent furniture and chairs.

I'm not a fan of matchy, matchy but World Market also has a Brynn Swivel Arm Chair. I'm working on finding some different accent chairs but I'm not worried one bit about whether they will work with the sofa.


It’s Surprisingly Easy To Clean

I mentioned I have two teenagers and a black lab mix that likes to shed right? You might think I'm a risk-taker by putting TWO light color sofas in the main room of the house...I can tell you with every bone in my body, I am NOT a risk taker by any stretch of the imagination.

My plan was to scotch guard the heck out of them, but I haven't yet, and let me tell you why. Within one week of having these beauties in my great room, I spilled red wine ... let me tell you I almost lost my $h!+, I quickly grabbed a cotton cloth and Skott grabbed our favorite stain remover, Folex. One squirt of Folex and a couple of firm dabs with a damp cloth and voila, the stain was gone! There have been a few more mishaps since then, blood, dirt more wine and they have all cleaned up'd never know. In addition to fluffing the pillows once a week, I also take a pet roller to the pillows and cushions to remove any of our Hailey's pet fur.

The cleaning instruction from World Market suggests blotting spills with a towel or sponge and to spot clean with lukewarm water and a damp cloth and of course for the best results to have the sofa professionally cleaned. I've used Thumbtack before to find professional cleaners in my area, it's free to sign up and use. You can find all the cleaning suggestions under the specification section for the Brynn Sofa.

Here's a before picture of the great room with those trusty and reliable Ektrop sofas.

If my humble opinion was helpful, leave some feedback in the comments below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

If you like what you've read and think other might too, please share!

Thank you, Friends!


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