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DIY Accent Walls

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Happy Thursday Friends! Here's what's trending!

Remember the day when adding a pop of color to a wall was all the rage? While adding a different color wall to a room is still a classic and economical way to break up a space. There are affordable techniques that will not only break up your space but also add character, an element of art and be a true focal point.


Board and Batten

Board and batten will add a classic feel to any space. It can be installed from floor to ceiling, on half or three-quarters of the wall. The traditional board and batten will have a smooth back finish. If your walls are textured, you can achieve this look by adhering MDF backer board to your wall first before installing the batten (MDF strips). If you are on a smaller budget you can create this same look without the backer board, your walls will simply have texture.

Image from Angela Rose Image from Our Faux Farmhouse



Yes, that’s right, I said wallpaper! Get that image of old 1970’s graphic wallpaper out of your head because wallpaper has gone through a metamorphosis and is making a comeback! So many options and designs are available. Fabric, seagrass, leather, metallic, vinyl, bamboo, and your traditional printed wallpaper in a variety of colors and patterns. Did you know there is even peel and stick wallpaper? For someone like me who changes designs preferences like my shoes this option is perfect, it’s also a great option for college students who add some pizzaz to their dorm.

Images from US Wall Decor


Geometric Wall

Similar to board and batten you can create a full-sized piece of wooden wall art as your focal point. All you need are strips of MDF or pine, paint or stain of choice, liquid nail, a nail gun, caulk, a saw, and some basic math skills and you can have an astonishing accent wall that doubles as art. Be creative and design something that makes you smile, like this space that Sherry from @funhomebuilding created for her daughter.

Image from @funhomebuilding


Sponge Painting

And I don’t mean your ‘90’s kind of sponge painting. Want to have the look of wallpaper without having to deal with the cutting and measuring? There is a design trend on the rise right now that only requires some paint and your sponge of choice. Cut a sponge into the shape and design you want to achieve, dip it into some paint and stamp away on your wall! I’ve even seen makeup sponges used!

Image from @sommer.stains Image from Remodelaholic


Faux Brick

Exposed brick adds warmth and character to any space, not to mention a ton of texture. It can be an expensive addition to a home, especially if you are looking to add real brick and mortar. Now, if it’s in your budget, go for it! If it’s not there are some great budget-friendly alternatives like brick veneer or brick paneling from Lowes.

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