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One Room Challenge Spring 2021 - Final Reveal

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

One Room Challenge Spring 2021 - Final Reveal


Well...hello again! It has been just over a year since my last blog post (for a few reasons at some point I'll share) but for now, I thought I should probably just share the final reveal of the 2021 One Room Challenge. Seeing as the ORC Spring 2022 challenge is coming to a close.

What is an eight-week challenge was really a five-week challenge for us but we somehow managed to get it all done and hoped to say unscathed, unfortunately, we had to take a trip to urgent care on Father’s Day … Skott ended up with a few stitches under his eye and was reminded why you need to wear eye protection and listen to your wife when she says, let’s finish tomorrow (insert eye roll) Seriously, though it could have been much worse and he’s very lucky! Although I didn't post the final results on the blog I did share them on my Instagram page.

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This was such a great experience. Skott and I learned new skills and only had one little argument through it all. What started out as a drab outdoor space that I NEVER spent time in has quickly become a new family space and just in time to enjoy the summer nights in SoCal.

Scroll through to see the transformation from beginning to end.

Here’s what we accomplished:

✔️ Stained concrete

✔️ Built buffet structure

✔️ Tiled buffet

✔️ Installed accent plant wall

✔️ Made curtain rod

✔️ Installed chandelier

✔️ Purchased new furniture

Check out below for some additional design pieces I added to make the space feel cozier.

If you missed any projects along the way you can catch up here:

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