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Set The Tone Before You Open The Door

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There wasn’t much going on this week on the home front. Just enjoying the work from last weekend really and the reveal of our front porch update. I teamed up with six other ladies on Instagram for a spring porch refresh challenge.

I wanted to keep the cost of the refresh low as close to $100 as possible and at the end of the day, it came in at $80!

I took a little cue from that good ‘ol wedding tradition. “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue” when putting together the patio refresh, and I have to say, it turned out just perfect.

1. Something old {or old looking}

Several years ago my mother-in-law bought me this awesome tin planter. All I did was trim the overgrown grass and added some flowers to add some color and a touch of spring. I like adding an element of "old/vintage/shabby" to a space, it adds character and can often be a conversation piece.

2. Something new

There are two trees that I am completely in love with; Magnolia trees and Olive trees {I have both planted in our yard}. When we were at Lowe's looking for flowers, I stumbled across this lovely potted olive tree, it was under budget and made me smile, so of course, she came home with me! Plants at a front door help create a warm and welcoming vibe. It's an easy way to greet your guests with a lovely reception before you even open the door.

3. Something borrowed

I borrowed two wicker chairs that have been in our great room and moved them outside. They work so well that It's almost like they were supposed to be there all along. Skott and I have never spent any amount of time on our front porch, in the four and a half years we've lived here, and now we drink our morning coffee together there and sip a little vino on the porch too. It has become such a cozy spot.

4. Something blue

I took a cue from our blue door and used colors to complement it and pop against the beautiful shade of blue it is. I carried some blue over to the console table in way of a small vase with some blue accents on it, a large yellow floral wreath, and lots of shades of pink {primarily because it's my favorite color but also because it looks great with the blue}.

Here are a couple before pics you can see a lot of the same elements just repurposed, moved or spruced up a little bit.

I mentioned that this refresh was part of a challenge that I participated in with six other ladies and I'd be remiss if I didn't share their updates too!

Spring Patio/Entry Update Instagram Accounts

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