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Week Two of the One Room Challenge: Sawdust, Savings, and Surprises!

Updated: May 1

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One Room Challenge Spring 2024 - Week Two

Hey there, friends! Welcome back to our journey through the wild world of the One Room Challenge. Can you believe it's already Week Two? Time flies when you're covered in sawdust and fueled by determination!

So, what have we accomplished so far? We've been busy bees buzzing around the hardware store aisles and tackling woodworking like pros {or at least trying to}.

First things first, let's talk wood. We embarked on a lumber pricing adventure that led us to the promised land of Saroyan Hardwoods. Now, I don't know about you, but when Dad says, "Check out this place," you listen. And let me tell you, friends, Saroyan did not disappoint. The selection was like walking into a candy store for carpenters. We snagged some top-notch birch plywood at a steal, thanks to using Dad's account and getting 10% off. Quality wood? Check. We ended up purchasing five sheets of 3/4" birch plywood for just a few dollars more than we would have for five sheets of not so nice pine plywood from those big box Home Improvement Stores - definitely worth the few additional dollars.

We also made a stop to our second home, Lowe's Home Improvement {because it wouldn't be a DIY weekend with out at least one trip there} to upgrade our arsenal of tools. We added a little friend, a beefier pocket-hole jig. Seriously, why did we wait so long to make this upgrade? It's like going from a tricycle to a Harley. Plus, every purchase brings us one step closer to that sweet silver tier status with My Lowe's Rewards.

We kicked off phase one by building the first box for our inaugural cabinet, destined to be an open cubby on the right side of our built-in. We have to keep it open because there's a pesky water main valve lurking behind it that we need to keep accessible. Safety first!

cabinet sketch

With measurements in hand, we dove into cutting the plywood to size and whipping out our shiny new Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig for some pocket holes. After a liberal application of glue and a few screws, voila! One perfectly assembled box, ready to take its place in the McKinney DIY hall of fame.

Despite getting a late start on Saturday, we managed to conquer this piece with ease. But as we hustled through the weekend, tackling two more pieces of our cabinet project, we hit a snag. We have nearly 7-foot space at the bottom, destined to corral all our scrap wood. Sounds straightforward, right? Not quite.

This space posed a challenge due to its length and the protruding wall. Originally planning for a grand 10 inches opening, we had to pivot when we realized the electrical ground was in the way. Crisis averted by slimming down the opening to a more modest 7.75 inches. Close call, but we managed to sidestep disaster since we realized it before the proverbial glue dried.

With our trusty process of cutting, pocket-holing, gluing, and screwing, we assembled the piece. But given its span, we knew it needed extra support. So, reinforcements were added to prevent any bowing under the weight. Another hurdle cleared, another piece added to the puzzle. One cabinet left before we can mount them and give our scrap wood a proper home.

Dewalt Shop Vac

On Sunday, we were hoping to just power through all the boxes, but unfortunately our shop vac had a different idea and it decided to kick the bucket midway through, and sucked all the sawdust from the table saw in and then blew it right back out...which brought us right back to Lowe's. There was a silver lining, though, I sold my old beach cruiser that morning on Facebook Marketplace and the money from that came in clutch for covering the unexpected expenses. Sold my bike for $100 and found a Dewalt Shop Vac on sale for $99!

Sunday we were basking in the glow of three completed cabinet boxes. Tools organized? Scrap wood off the floor? Not yet, but well on our way. Sanity still intact? Surprisingly, CHECK!

three cabinet boxes
These will be mounted to the wall off the ground

As we gear up for the final push, mounting these bad boys to the wall and diving into drawer construction, one thing's for sure: we're proud of how far we've come. Sure, there have been a few hiccups along the way, but isn't that what makes DIY adventures so exhilarating?


  • Build last cabinet box

  • Attach legs

  • Mount cabinet boxes to wall

  • Make drawers

  • Purchase drawer slides

  • Make pull out tray for scrap wood

  • Decide and purchase drawer pulls

  • Decide and purchase counter

  • Purchase and install slat wall

  • Purchase paint and paint wall and cabinets



Now, before we sign off, let's give a shoutout to some fellow One Room Challenge warriors who have been crushing it these past two weeks. These ladies are like DIY superheroes, and you definitely want them on your Instagram feed

Check out the other participants of the ORC in this directory!

So, there you have it, folks! Week Two in the books, and we're still standing {mostly covered in sawdust, but standing nonetheless}. Stay tuned for more tales from the DIY trenches as we inch closer to the finish line. Until next time, keep calm and DIY on!

Trisha & Skott

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01 de mai.

This is looking so good. Taking notes: we are destined to turning our garage (currently my sewing studio) nack into a proper garage plus wood-working shop!!!

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