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Our Vision: Transforming the Garage into a Multi-Use Flex Space for the One Room Challenge {Week One}

Updated: Apr 2

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Hey there, friends! If you're familiar with the One Room Challenge, you know it's like the Olympics of home renovation, where designers and home improvement enthusiasts from all over come together to transform a space in just eight weeks. And Skott and I diving into the challenge for the third time!

For those who are new to the One Room Challenge, it's a biannual event where participants take on the task of completely revamping a room in their home within a tight timeframe. From brainstorming and planning to the nitty-gritty of construction and styling, it's a whirlwind adventure filled with excitement, creativity, and, let's be real, a fair share of stress. But hey, I think most DIY enthusiasts are gluttons for punishment to a certain extent. So us being gluttons we're jumping back into the fray once again. This time around, we're tackling our garage - a space that's long overdue for a makeover. And let me tell you, we've got big plans.

If you've been following our blog or Instagram, you've probably felt the excitement building up, like the anticipation before a blockbuster movie. And if you're just jumping on board now, welcome aboard! Get ready to join us on our journey transforming our garage.

Garage Mood Board

Let's dive into the game plan. We're not just sprucing up this garage, we're turning it into a multitasking marvel that would make Batman proud. Why? Well, it's time to give hubby the space he's been craving after being such a champ with all my indoor projects {and let's face it, I could use some organization in there too}.

Garage Mood Board - Must Haves

So, let's break down our must-haves. First up: a built-in workspace with tool storage. This was my one non-negotiable (besides some strategic space planning), because let's be honest, we all need a dedicated spot for our tools and projects and I've been so inspired by some spaces I've seen on Instagram, like these two:

But that's not all! We're also carving out space for bike storage and a bike workspace. Oh, and did I mention we're aiming to fit two cars and a home gym in here? It's like a Swiss Army garage, ready for anything life throws our way.

Now, you might be wondering about all the stuff cluttering up the place. Don't worry, we've got it covered. We're reorganizing our existing storage and adding some vertical wall storage for good measure. And as for the gym equipment, it's getting a shiny new spot in the garage too. Think of it like a high-stakes game of Tetris, but with power tools and dumbbells.

And here's the cherry on top {well for me that is}: We'll be heading to Lowe's this week to pick up all the wood to start building our cabinetry. I couldn't be more excited because what we're going to spend on the lumber and a few other necessities will bump us up to Silver Tier with my Lowe's Rewards. And I'm all about racking up points and earning discounts!

We're approaching this project in phases, because let's face it, Rome wasn't built in a day. But with each step forward, we're getting closer to our dream garage. And trust me, there will be plenty of paint, accents, and maybe even a quirky sign or two to add that personal touch.

So, buckle up buttercups, because the One Room Challenge is officially underway! Follow along for updates, laughs, and maybe even a few unexpected twists along {that's almost guaranteed} the way.

It's going to be a wild ride {hopefully not like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride}, but hey, that's what makes it all worth it, right?

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Gefällt mir

This is not a room transformation, it's a LIFE transformation. Crazy, how giddy I am for you and this project. I'm following along, cheering you on! It reminds me of my project last year (our Swiss army knife dining and entertaining space). This year is a tiny half bath -- halfway across the country! So I will lonely be on site ONE week. YIKES!


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Antwort an

Thank you!!! I would be a ball of stress being across the country. Following along too!

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03. Apr.

This is sure to be an inspiring project for so many people! Our garages are kind of wasted space, and it sounds like your plan to transform it into a multi-use flex space will really make use of every square inch. We can't live without our elliptical so I know you'll get so much use out of your home gym. This is going to be a cool transformation!


Julie, fellow participant

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Antwort an

Julie, thanks! Excited and nervous all at the same time but any bit of change will be major in this space 😁

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