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Garage Goals: A Stress-Free Weekend Full of Progress

Updated: Mar 21

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Hey, friends! Ever felt your garage judged you with its cluttered chaos each time you stepped in? Well, Skott and I became victims of its silent reproach, so we decided to silence it once and for all – with the One Room Challenge!

Last week and this past weekend turned us into garage gladiators. Armed with trash bags and determination, we dove headfirst into the abyss of "I might need this someday" and emerged victorious!



Our evenings spun into adrenaline-fueled purging marathons. You know that bike you swear you'll ride “someday"? Yeah, it found a new owner. We waved goodbye to dust bunny families and their cob-webbed homes, all while fattening our project kitty by a whopping $600 from sales! I have to brag just a little bit here, Skott had been trying to sell some of these items for weeks, with no progress. I got them listed and sold in one and a half days! Yes, I'm currently patting myself on my back {chuckle}.

The Great Garage Triage

I gotta say, staring at an almost unrecognizable garage that can actually FIT a car is like seeing a unicorn—rare and magical. But, oh, we're far from done. While the bulk of our junk has been shown the door, we've still got some sorting and sprucing up to do.

Ikea or Bust

Did someone say Ikea run? Oh, yes, we did that too. We cruised the aisles, eyeing shiny cabinets and pretending not to be overwhelmed by the possibilities. Will we go for it, or will we shock our tools {and ourselves} by going the DIY route? Stay tuned—time will tell. We might just have to take a run to Lowe's to price out some wood.

Dusty Discoveries and Grains of Wisdom

Here's the thing—I've said it once, and I'll say it again: "Progress, not perfection" is my motto for this challenge. This weekend I was reminded that there's joy to be found in simply relishing each emptied storage container and every filled trash can, especially when you're doing it with your partner in crime.


Wrapping It Up - Garage Goals

Catch us stirring up trouble {and hopefully not breaking too many things} as we continue dusting our way toward the One Room Challenge - Garage Overhaul Edition. Follow our rollercoaster of garage glam here and on Instagram—you won't want to miss the bloopers and breakthroughs. Oh, and we partnered with another company that helped us make a pretty big decision for the garage. More of that to come in the next week!

Dogs and Garage

If you whisk anything away from my rambling recap, catch this— making progress is the goal, and having a blast with your favorite humans and/or pets {we did both} while doing it is the ultimate win.

Until the next update, keep it cool, keep it clutter-free, and always look for the humor in the home improvement frenzy!

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