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Painting Your Bedroom: How to Avoid a Blueberry Farm Disaster and Nail Your Color Scheme Like a Pro!

When it comes to making over your bedroom, the color scheme you choose is a key factor in creating the perfect retreat. Whether you’re looking for an energizing palette or something soothing and calming, knowing how to select just the right paint colors can make all the difference. Here at The Humble Hearthstone, we know how daunting this decision can be. We fully understand the struggle of choosing the right paint colors. That's why we've put together an "almost foolproof" guide to help you achieve your dream bedroom makeover, because believe me, we’ve made plenty of bad paint decisions!

Step 1: Consider Your Inspiration

Before you start picking out colors willy-nilly, take a little time to consider what sparks joy in your life. Do you gravitate toward bright and bold hues, or do you want a more calming oasis to relax in? Use your gut and choose colors that make you feel like a champ. You can even work with a color consultant, Sherwin Williams offers this service virtually.

Take us, for example. Our inspiration led us to Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze. And yes, we know it's kind of a daring move because yowza, that's a dark shade. But trust us, it is extremely versatile and brings a level of modern elegance and elevation to the standard neutrals. Its deep brown base boasts subtle silver and warm undertones that exude sophistication and timeless elegance. Plus, it instantly transformed our space into a cozy haven with just a few coats of paint.

Step 2: Look to Nature for Inspiration

If you’re still stumped on which colors to slap on the walls, Mother Nature has a whole book of inspiration waiting to be read! Get outside and soak up all the goodness in your surroundings. You know, stop and smell the roses…literally. Take a cue from your favorite outdoor spot, and start experimenting with different shades of those colors on your walls. If you are planning on painting multiple spaces you might consider purchasing a color-sensing tool like the Nix Pro 2 Color Sensor or Datacolor ColorReader EZ you can hold these sensors up to different colors and it will provide you with a color match and digital color values.

Our bedroom window happens to look out at some seriously gorgeous hills and a bunch of luscious white rose bushes. Yep, it’s as picturesque as it sounds. To tie everything together, we looked at our natural view and picked a coordinating color palette for our bedroom. We will be adding some of those nature-inspired colors as accents as we continue our revamp. in harmony with nature feels oh so good.

Step 3: Experiment & Test Your Colors

So you've got a few paint colors in mind, but before you dive in headfirst, it's time to experiment and test 'em out! Grab some samples and try them in different spots around your room. And I'm not just talking about noon on a sunny day - check how they look in all kinds of lighting and all times of the day. Now, you can purchase peel-and-stick paint samples from paint manufacturers like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore you can also get peel-and-stick samples from your local Lowe's Home Improvement. Place them around the room instead of painting multiple spots on your walls.

Trust me, skipping this step could leave you with a paint nightmare, just like we experienced in our last home. Picture this: we invested big bucks into hiring painters to revamp all the main areas of our home. But instead of testing our paint options like responsible adults, we handed over a measly paint chip card and called it a day. Fast forward to me coming home from work to an interior that resembled a blueberry farm instead of the cool grey I envisioned. Long story short, we spent lots of extra time, money, and frustration fixing our mistake. So do yourselves a favor and TEST YOUR COLORS, FRIENDS!!!! Your future self will thank you!

Step 4: Make a Final Decision

So, you’ve played around with all sorts of colors and shades for your bedroom, but now it’s decision time. Hold up, my friend! This isn’t something to take lightly – you want to choose a color that’ll make you swoon every time you walk through the door. Don’t be hasty, take a deep breath and consider all the available options before landing on the perfect hue.

Congrats, you are now one step closer to having the bedroom of your dreams! With our “almost foolproof” color scheme steps, achieving your desired ambiance has never been easier. For more design inspiration and home decor tips, peruse The Humble Hearthstone blog and give us a follow-on social media. Good luck on your room revamp journey - we know you'll nail it!


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