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Saturday Spark

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If you're new this week to Saturday Spark, hello & welcome! I'm so happy you decided to stop by for a bit. Four weeks ago I shared a little bit about the idea behind Saturday Spark and a little bit about me. My intent is for this to become a community of like-minded women sharing their ideas centered around home decor, DIY projects, household tips, and tricks, and entertaining. I took last week away from my blog for a little me time, but I'm back at it this week.

If you're here for round four I'm humbled you came back and for your continued support!

This week was a difficult week, we had a family member pass away and while I am grateful my aunt is no longer suffering, I am heartbroken and try to take comfort in my faith in the Lord knowing that he will bring us solace when we need it most, and will guide us all through our grief in time. Her footprints are forever on our hearts.

I'm not quite sure how to segue into my next part but I'm just going to go with what is naturally coming to me at this moment. When I started this blog I wanted to be real and transparent. While I struggle with being vulnerable and sharing REAL life, this is a time I'm going to just do and say what I'm feeling. I had all the intention to post this last week but as I mentioned, I took the week off, and maybe there was a reason for that. I often find myself in these situations {you can also see this in my fifth blog post}, but I truly believe it's because there is a hiring power giving me the right timing to speak {write, I'm horrible at communicating verbally} what is truly in my heart and soul. Maybe it's for me and my own self-reflection, maybe it's for someone else who is feeling the same way I am feeling or maybe it's both. I don't know, but when I feel compelled to write my feelings and thoughts I do. Not always out there for all, but for now I am.

Today, March 20, 2021, is officially Spring. It is also the day that we celebrate my aunt's life, coincidence, maybe but maybe not. So what is spring? Spring to me is warmth, birth, longer days, and rejuvenation. All things that bring me comfort, joy, excitement, and help renew my faith. All things, too, that my beautifully spirited aunt brought to our family's lives.

In keeping with the theme of my last few posts, I'm going to share something sweet that can be shared and used any day this spring, but especially on Easter when we celebrate the resurrection of Christ and celebrate life.

Here is a SWEET charcuterie board idea that I threw together a couple of weekends ago as a dry run for Easter. What I've decided is I need to add some cookie crosses to sit with the elevated oreo cookie.

I started with a riser, I received this one in my Spring Decocrated Box. I then added an additional riser for height and a couple of mini bowls and baking cups {both of these are from Sweese and can be purchased on Amazon}.

I first, filled the bowls with Bunny Bait, Caramel Bunny Kisses and Annie's Bunny Grahams from Target.
Next, pulled apart some of the fun {and really tastey ... YES I tried it} Unicorn Dream Organic Cotton Candy and put it in the baking cups from Sweese.
Then displayed the elevated oreo cookies and mini cupcakes on the additional riser.
The final touch was simply scattering the other sweets around the board. Easter sugar cookies, Lindt Easter carrots, Hershey eggs and Whooper mini robin eggs, all of which I purchased from Target.

I'd love to see your Spring & Easter Charcuterie Sweet Boards. Link them below or use #TrendingwithTrish on Instagram posts. I will share all Charcuterie Sweet Boards shared on the blog or on my Social Media pages.

Here are some of my fave inspo shares from the Saturday Spark 03 Party

I'm obsessing over this DIY farmhouse beaded chandelier shared on Tayna's blog twelve o eight

I'm a huge fan of positive affirmations and having a compass heading in all you do. Check out Amy's blog post on why it's important to have a positive family motto. Amy shares more great tips on her blog Heritage Home Ec.

Let's Celebrate Life...what do you have to share this week? Link up bellow ⬇️

I will round up what sparked the inspiration for me every-week from your posts {below} and feature them on my blog, Instagram, and/or Facebook in the subsequent weeks.

This week I will leave the party open from Friday - Thursday!

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