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The Heart of Week Three: Tackling Cabinetry Challenges in Our One Room Challenge!

Updated: Apr 24

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One Room Challenge Spring 2024 - Week Three

Hey there, fellow DIYers! Here we are in the thick of Week Three of our One Room Challenge, and boy, has it been a wild ride! We've been knee-deep in cabinet installation in our garage workspace, and even with walls that seem to have a mind of their own and a floor that's more like a ski slope, we haven't let that dampen our spirits. Thank goodness for adjustable feet, our trusty levelers—they've been lifesavers, helping us conquer those unruly cabinet wobbles. We're checking off tasks and overcoming setbacks like champs, and we can't wait to show you what's next. Stay tuned as we keep powering through the One Room Challenge with grit and grace!


  • Build last cabinet box ✅

  • Attach legs ✅

  • Mount cabinet boxes to wall ✅

  • Make drawers

  • Purchase drawer slides ✅

  • Make pull out tray for scrap wood

  • Decide and purchase drawer pulls

  • Decide and purchase counter

  • Purchase and install slat wall

  • Decided on paint color ✅

  • Purchase paint

  • Paint walls and cabinets

Week Three Sync-Up: Our One Room DIY Dive!

Skott Sanding

Cheers to Skott: My DIY Wingman

Quick pause to cheer for my partner-in-crime Skott—undeniably the MVP of our cabinet escapades. While I've taken you along for the journey via my musings {and I promise to coax Skott into sharing his own take soon}, this guy has been the engine powering our cabinet quest. Tool-wielding, problem-tackling, and puzzle-crushing—he's done it all. Those cabinets standing proudly? That's all Skott. His detail-focused mind and steady patience have been key, showing us all that behind the DIY dream is a rock of a partner. Here's a giant shout-out to my hubby!

My DIY Role: In the Weeds and Loving It

Now, don't think I'm just the cheerleader here {thought I've dished out my fair share of high fives}! I'm right in the mix with Skott, from cutting wood, to drilling pocket-holes, priming to handing him tools and making sure the drill has enough juice. This project's taught me that every single task is huge in its own right, and we're rocking this cabinetry gig as the ultimate team. Seeing plans turn into action has totally exceeded my expectations and reminded me of how critical every one of our contributions is to this shared vision.

Nailing It Down: The Cabinet Chronicles

Squaring Off Against Wonky Walls and Slopes

Let me tell you, installing these cabinets turned out to be the DIY test of the century. Faced with the all-too-familiar uneven walls and a floor that couldn't decide on a level, we stood undeterred. Our secret? Those brilliant adjustable feet—absolute game-changers! They helped us get those cabinets balanced to perfection. As for the topsy-turvy walls, they met their match with our trusty level and a fistful of shims.

The Twists, Turns, and Triumphs of DIY

The Center Cabinet Snafu: Shims to the Rescue!

And just when we thought we'd figured it all out, the center cabinet decided to throw us a curveball. Hello, unexpected gap! But hey, this is where we DIYers shine, right? With a little shimmy here and some trim work there, it will be like that gap never existed. There's something deeply satisfying about flexing some creative muscle and ending up with a snug fit and not having to backtrack. That's the magic of DIY—it's a journey filled with head-scratchers and high-fives!

Trisha & Skott Week 3

Victory Dance: The Triumph of Level Cabinets

Stepping back and beholding our craftwork, I've gotta say, the vibes are pure joy around here! We've taken this cabinet assembly from a flat-pack puzzle to a lineup of champions, standing tall and ready for action. It's been all about patience, precision, and the sweet, sweet success of sliding in that final piece. So here's to embracing the bumps of home improvement with zest—our cabinets are more than ready for whatever we throw at them!

Gearing Up for Week Four: What's in Store?

Drawers Ahoy! Elevating Our Cabinet Game

With the cabinets nailed down, the next chapter in our DIY saga has us psyched for drawer building. These babies will be the unsung heroes of the workspace, destined for more than stashing away our every growing collection of tools—they're what truly bring our cabinets to life. This is laser-focus territory, friends—perfect fits and smooth slides are what we're after. We're picturing the ultimate grab-and-go for every drill bit and screwdriver, with functionality that'll last for years.

Counter Choices: The Butcher Block vs. Plywood Showdown

We're in countertop contemplation mode. It's down to the cozy, homestyle feels of butcher block or the sleek slate that plywood provides. Butcher block has a certain je ne sais quoi, with its hearty looks, while plywood offers a the flexibility to be easily switched out as it wears out. Stay tuned as we deliberate over this decision.

Wrapping Week Three: Taking Stock and Marching On

Bringing week three to a close, we're taking a hot second to marvel at the progress. This challenge is so much more than a to-do list—it's a full-on crusade. We're not just sprucing up a room; we're leveling up our DIY creds with every step. The upcoming week is going to be a short one with me traveling for work but we're all in and Skott, he might just have to get a head start on things while I'm gone?

As we put the finishing touches on this week's chapter, rest assured, this tale is far from told. The excitement and adventure is just ramping up. We're here to share not just the wins, but all the moments of learning and the everyday triumphs that make DIY the adventure. Keep your eyes peeled for more as we press onward and upward!

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