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Drawers Galore: Week Five Update of the One Room Challenge!

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One Room Challenge Spring 2024 - Week Five

Hey there, friends! Can you believe it's already week five of the One Room Challenge? Time is flying, and so are the drawers (well, sort of). Let me catch you up on all the chaos and progress from this past week.

So, here's the lowdown: we managed to make six drawers, snagged the slat wall we decided on a Charcoal PVC slat wall from PROSLAT we're just waiting on delivery {this was our priciest purchase yet for this project}, and grabbed the paint for the cabinet. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? WRONG!

Saturday started innocently enough with a trip to our favorite hangout spot – Lowe's. We were on a mission for a dado blade for the table saw. Why? Because, it's stronger than pocket screwing and nailing everything. Day one of drawer building turned out to be a bit of a "shit show" {pardon my french}. Five hours later, we finally figured out how to build and install just one drawer. Yep, one. But hey, at least we found our groove and prepped ourselves for the next day, right? Silver linings and all that jazz {keep a positive mindset, mindset is everything, just keep swimming 😜}.

Emerald Paint

Sunday was a vast improvement. We got an earlier start and thanks to all that prep the day before, things went much more smoothly. I decided to hit up Sherwin Williams bright and early to score that sweet 40% off deal on Emerald Paint. A gallon of that stuff is not cheap, so you better believe we weren't going to miss out on those savings. It's all about being thrifty, where we can.

While I was out, Skott held down the fort and started putting together the pieces we prepped on Saturday. Divide and conquer, baby! But we hit a snag – we needed more wood for the drawer bottoms, so we couldn't finish them that day. But Skott installed all the drawer slides {twice to be exact - lol}. He used the Kreg Drawer Slide Jig to help with the alignment of the slides which worked great for installing the slides to the cabinet. Unfortunately, not all that great when we tried to align the drawers with the slides {the clamps we have kept slipping} so we made our own "jig" which was really just a piece of scrap wood.

I had this brilliant idea to keep going, though, at 8 PM and tackle the edge banding. Spoiler alert: it did not go well. Note to self and everyone else out there: never attempt detailed work when you're exhausted. Let's just say I had to chisel it off the cabinet and start over a few times.

Monday rolled around, and Skott picked up more wood. Tuesday evening was all about cutting the bottoms finishing the assembly of the drawers and finishing the edge banding, which we might end up redoing but for now it is what it is.

Week five wasn't without its challenges. The first drawer we assembled was wonky, some of our dado cuts weren't deep enough and threw off the drawer alignment {we started to chisel them then realized it was easier to just run them through the table saw again, and we installed the wrong drawer slides in the middle cabinet piece {hence why Skott installed them twice}.

Despite the setbacks, we made some serious progress, and the built-in is really starting to take shape. However, I'm starting to feel a bit antsy and want to tackle other parts of the project so we might move onto some phase two work.

Week six is shaping up to be a busy one. We've got to take down the gym equipment and patch up those pesky wall holes {phase two work} so we can start painting. Plus, we've got a neighborhood chili cook-off on Saturday because apparently, I enjoy overcommitting myself - 🤦🏼‍♀️. Anyone have some good chili recipes??? Share them in comments please!!!!

We're determined to knock out as much as we can after work this week. Stay tuned for more updates, and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter for all the juicy details. Until next time, happy DIY-ing!


  • Build last cabinet box ✅

  • Attach legs ✅

  • Mount cabinet boxes to wall ✅

  • Make drawers ✅

  • Purchase drawer slides ✅

  • Make pull out tray for scrap wood (putting this on hold for now)

  • Make drawer fronts

  • Decide and purchase drawer pulls ✅

  • Decide and purchase counter top

  • Purchase slat wall ✅

  • Install slat wall  

  • Decide on paint color ✅

  • Purchase paint for cabinets  ✅

  • Paint cabinets

  • Relocate outlet

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